Vogt Medical Hypodermic Sterile Syringe 10ml


3 Part Syringes for injecting and dispensing medicines and fluids using standard and specialised methods. Single use, individually blister wrapped, needles NOT included. Highly transparent, clear bold markings for easy readability. All Syringes are Luer Slip tips (Non Luer Lock).

• PVC and Latex free
• Clear barrel with bold clear markings and measurements allow for accurate dosage, delivery and minimises errors and misreadings
• Smooth-glide plunger ensures painless injection with no jerking
• Clearly legible graduation for safe, reliable dosage
• Eccentric tip on larger syringes allow you to place syringe closer to the skin for more accurate delivery and comfort
• CE 0123 marked
• Conforms to ISO 7886, ISO 7864 standards

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