Prosorb Super Absorbant Disposable Vomit Sick Bags 20 Pack


Prosorb Super Absorbant Disposable Vomit/Sick Bags for hygenic collection and disposal of human body waste and soiled clothing, bedding and other items that require disposal. 

A pack of 20 liners, these are easy to use with instructions on the packaging for the clean and recommended method of use to hygenically and safely remove the liner and its contents. Each liner contains a super absorbant pad that can absorb upto 700ml of fluid.

These bags are a much user friendly option compared the paper sick bags because they contain an aborbant pad that quickly converts fluid into a gel like substance, thereby making spillage less likely. They also have strong draw string closures that allow you to securely close the bag and reduce odour seeping out and easier method of disposal into a waste bin.

• Pack of 20 Vomit Bags with Super Absorbent Pads
• Absorbs up to 700mls of fluid
• Easy to dispose of
• Draw strings allow vomit bag to be closed to reduce odour
• CE certified product

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Perfect, exactly as described and helpful fast service.


Great product, thank you for your help and fast response Apex Hygiene :)

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