OPSITE Post-Op Waterproof Dressing 9.5cm x 8.5cm


OPSITE Post-Op is a waterproof island dressing designed to protect, wounds and post operative areas. It provides an impermeable barrier to bacteria including MRSA to protect surgical sites from post operative infections. This allows wear to shower and wash with dressing in situ.

The dressing is designed to reduce the amount of blistering and has shown to greatly reduce blistering when compared to competitor film + pad dressings or non woven dressings. Reduced wound complications significantly aids reduced hospital and treatment time. OPSITE Post-Op offers significantly greater wear time compared to other non woven and film + pad dressings.

Rounded corners reduce snagging and risk of lifting, thereby helping to increase wear time and comfort. Waterproof film allows wear to wash and shower with the dressing in situ, allowing normal daily routines to be maintained without compromising healing process. OPSITE Post-Op has a unique dressing design with a low allergy adhesive to ensure dressing stays in place and is easy to apply, wear and remove.

The unique absorbant pad allows lateral spread across the pad to enhance absorbancy, reducing the risk of skin maceration and minimising the number of requierd dressing changes.

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