Atrauman Ointment Impregnated Non Adherent Wound Dressing


Atrauman are single-use, sterile, non-medicated ointment dressings suitable for the treatment of superficial acute and chronic wounds of any type. As a non-adherent wound contact layer, it is particularly suitable for preventing the secondary dressing from sticking to the wound bed and for keeping wound edges and surrounding skin supple. Due to the neutral properties of the non-medicated ointment mass, Atrauman is especially useful in dermatology as well as for patients with sensitive skin and those sensitive to certain medications.

Atrauman is suitable for the treatment of human skin by professional users. The soft, thin support material made of polyester allows close contact with the whole surface of the wound which is necessary for the drainage of wound exudate. The waterrepellent polyester filaments and the smooth surface structure of the tulle counteract adhesion to the wound.

Atrauman allows for atraumatic and painless dressing changes. Atrauman's non-adhering properties are further enhanced by the ointment mass with which the product is impregnated. It has no occlusive effects and avoids causing maceration of the underlying skin. Excessive amounts of exudate are drained away into an absorbent secondary dressing placed on top of the Atrauman dressing.

By keeping the edges of the wound soft and supple, the non-medicated, non-sensitising, paraffin-free ointment base of Atrauman, allows undisturbed epithelialisation. Because it leaves no residue on removal, it conditions the wound for possible surgical procedures and facilitates wound cleansing.

• Non adherent wound contact layer dressing
• Impregnated with non medicated ointment
• Contains no paraffin or vaseline
• Latex free
• Promotes non-adhesion to wound and therefore pain free comfortable dressing change
• Allows passage of oxygen to skin and wound area to help the healing process

Customer Reviews

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Ashok Misra
Excellent for allowing wounds to heal

Prevents super absorbent dressings from ripping off healing skin which is perfect especially for slow healing areas.

Good product

Had quite a big cut, and help heal really quickly


Arrived today (Saturday 18th June), as described, kept informed at all stages of delivery, very happy with all aspects of purchase and delivery.

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