Atrauman Ag Silver Dressing 10cm x 10cm


Atrauman Ag is a non adherent wound contact layer that is designed to be used with a secondary dressing. It is soft and easy to cut into size to fit the wound area more neatly and ensure it covers the wound surface area fully. Atrauman Ag allows painless and comfortable dressing changes by minimising adhesion to the wound.

Atrauman Ag is a non-adherent wound contact later for the treatment of chronic skin wounds such as ulcers cruris, diabetoc leg ulcer and decubitus. It can also be used to treat acute burns up to 2nd degree. The dressing is impregnated with elemental silver in the polyamide fibres. The soft thin fabric promotes fabric draping and ensures close contact with wound base.

The fabric's surface and silver impregnation prevent adhesion to the wound while the natural antimicrobial properties of silver prevent contamination and growth of bacteria and virus. Secure a suitable sterile, secondary dressing (either absorbent or superabsorbent dressings, foam dressings) according to its use instructions over Atrauman Ag to absorb wound exudate.

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