3M Transpore Surgical Tape 5cm x 9.1M


3M Transpore tapes are transparent and made from polyethylene and coated with a layer of solvent free acrylic adhesive. Perforated tapes designed for ease of use and reliability. The tape tears bidirectionally, meaning it is easy to tear to custom sizes in any direction suitable to you, even while wearing gloves which makes it ideal for use in clinics, healthcare facilities, nail and eyelash studios etc.

Hypoallergenic and latex free, Transpore tapes are heavier than the 3M Micropore tapes, therefore suitable for securing bulky dressings or when you need a stronger tape. Ideal for securing bulky dressings and tubing and medical devices such as I.V tubing and catheters. Can be used for securing eyelashes to your forearm or back of the hand securely, hence used by many eyelash and nail studios/technicians. Transpore tape is also an ideal temporary solution for fixing tears and rips in various types of hair replacement systems such as custom wigs, weaves etc

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