3M Micropore Surgical Tape 1.25cm x 9.1M


Hypoallergenic and natural rubber latex free, strong adhesive tape designed for use on skin. Reliably secures dressings, bandages, gauze and devices to the skin while leaving minimal residue once removed. All tapes are sold clean and unused, non sterile in sealed plastic pouch.

For highest adhesion, apply to damp skin that dries. You can increase adhesion by pressing firmly but gently on the tape on the skin or applying water to dampen the skin and then applying the tape. Designed for easy and frequent removal and reapplication on skin without irritation. Breathable and permeable to water Can remain on skin for several days Tape can be written on after application with pen or marker Ideal for labelling containers/products, fragile or sensitive skin and daily bandage applications.

Doesn't pull on hair Application of individual eyelash extensions, semi permanent lash extensions. Can be used to protect lower lashes instead of gel pads suitable for areas of thin skin, eg around the eyes, elderly persons etc

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